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Gabrielvox: lead vocals, rhythm 

guitar, sequencers

In 1982 a childhood friend introduced Gabriel to a cassette of an early U2 show brought back from England. He was hooked by The Edge's haunting chiming guitar assault and the persistent driving rhythm section. Bono's soaring vocals sealed the deal and he became a fan for life.

Gabriel has been known around the performing circuit for his passionate interpretation of Bono's vocals and mannerisms for almost a decade. He has seen U2 over 30 times and is regularly stopped by die hard fans who enjoy the resemblance he bears to Bono. In 2005 he was acknowledged by Bono himself, who brought him onstage during U2's Vertigo stop in Detroit. 



Martin Chorlton: lead guitars


A lifelong fan of U2 and in particular the sounds of The Edge ever since he heard The Joshua Tree and saw his first U2 concert (The Zoo TV tour), which still remains Martin's most memorable concert experience to date.


Martin began playing guitar in high school and along with Eddie Van Halen, The Edge became the biggest influence on him as a guitarist. Martin's dedication to recreate the tones and unique style of The Edge pays tribute to the legendary music of U2.


Over the years, Martin has played in numerous rock and pop bands. ​He lives in the Greater Toronto Area with his wife Janice and two sons.



Mark Baker: bass guitar, vocal harmonies

Mark has always been a fan and student of music, beginning with piano at the age of 6 and continuing with the trumpet in high school. In university, he played bass in various bands. Upon renting The Joshua Tree from the libary, Running to Stand Still was the U2 track that changed Mark's life forever and cemented his fandom.

Since March 24th, 1992 at Maple Leaf Gardens, Mark has seen U2 live 41 times and has met the band on several occasions. An avid collector of U2 memorabilia, he is known by U2 fans worldwide as the "U2BROTHR", and was featured in a film by the same name that documents his fandom and dream to be invited onstage with U2. In 2015 this dream was fulfilled when he was asked to join the band onstage in different cities.

​Mark lives in Toronto with his wife Jocelyn and son and is also an avid fan and DJ of techno / house music.



Michael Wood: drums


Ever since his older brother gave him a copy of the Joshua Tree, he has been hooked on U2.

He learned to play drums as a teenager playing along with U2, and as a result his style of playing closely resembles that of Larry Mullen, right down to his idiosyncrasies. Michael first saw U2 on the Popmart tour in 1997, and since then has seen U2 14 times and met Bono on several occasions.

In addition to ACROBAT, Michael drums for a number of local independent bands and artists including Andrew Huang, Leah Hunter, Your Heart, and Their Shallow Valley. Besides music, he has a Ph.D. Medical Biophysics and is a Scientist with high-tech optics firm.

Michael lives in Toronto with his wife Laura and two sons.